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Hey, Y'all! 

My name is Jordan Glastetter and I am an artist, K-5th grade art teacher, wife, and mother! In my spare time, I love to spend time with my family.  I have two daughters Perin and Henley, a Wheaten Terrier named Lou, and eight chickens and beehives.  My husband and I enjoy traveling around the world and as a family, we vacation at Grayton Beach in Florida.  Our hobbies include drinking craft beer, painting, beekeeping and spending time with family.

Hotty Toddy!

About my work, each mixed media work of art starts with color theory, a favorite course of mine at the University of Mississippi in 2004.  Creating a color story is the basis for all my paintings.  I begin designing the structures that will turn simple bands of color into whimsical landscapes allowing your imagination to tell their story.  Each home, church, and buildings have multiple layers of collage that consist of magazines, pages from books, and high-quality decorative papers to add depth. I complete each painting with a hand-constructed frame or natural pine and finished with copper cut tacks.  I believe my work to be polished, simplistic, yet full of life.  The paintings include whimsical elements such as flowers turned into trees larger than the structures, forcing the viewer to wonder why.







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